New Course: Logic and Thinking

In the autumn of 2022, with Chenwei Shi, I started a new general course "Logic and Thinking" at Tsinghua. It targets first-year students with different backgrounds from the humanities to the sciences. We introduce the intellectual questions that major logicians have asked, and the theories that they have proposed, from Aristotle and Leibniz to Frege, Gödel, and Turing. Selected chapters from the book "Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter complement the course and its discussion seminars. This first instalment ended with a guest lecture by Johan van Benthem (Stanford, Amsterdam and Tsinghua) on "From Computation to Agency: What, How, and Who" showing the wide interdisciplinary range of logic today.

With music scholar Zhou Haihong and graphical artist Tai Xiangzhou, I introduced the GEB book to a general audience in this GASA program:

Interdisciplinary Honors Program in Logic, Tsinghua


This program offers four courses that reflect logic in the breadth that I want to promote, including Philosophical Logic, Mathematical Logic, and Computational Logic. It is taught in English by the four Jin Yuelin Professors at our logic center and myself. The courses are open to Tsinghua students as well as interested students globally, and participants who successfully finish all four receive an honor's certificate. This is one of first ten Global Hybrid Classroom Certificate Programs at Tsinghua.

  1. Logic, Language and Philosophy (Fenrong Liu, Martin Stokhof)
  2. Foundations of Logic (Dag Westerståhl)
  3. Modal Logic and its Applications (Jeremy Seligman)
  4. Logic, Computation and Games (Johan van Benthem)

The online version of these courses can be accessed through Tsinghua Tsinghua MOOC platform. Textbooks for these courses are being written, their English version will be published by CSLI Publications at Stanford, and the Chinese version by Posts & Telecom Press in Beijing.

Other courses that I have taught at Tsinghua

I have taught a wide range of regular courses at Tsinghua, including (a) Undergraduate level: First Order Logic (part of an international educational project Logic in Action), Logic and Epistemology, Summer Course in Logic, (b) Graduate level: Mathematical Logic, Modal Logic, Philosophical Logic, Logics in AI, Introduction to Model Theory, Research Topics in Logic.

Summer Schools/Intensive Courses/Tutorials elsewhere

  1. Preference Logic and Preference Change, tutorial, Annual Conference of the Australasian Association of Logic, June 22-24, 2022 (online)
  2. Arguing about Knowledge in Ancient China, intensive course, University of Bayreuth, Jan 15-19, 2018
  3. Arguing about Knowledge in Ancient China, January MoL Project, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 2018
  4. Social Networks and Games, January MoL Project, ILLC, University of Amsterdam (with Johan van Benthem), 2016
  5. Logics for Social Networks, tutorial, Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), Toulouse, France. Jul 7-13, 2015
  6. Logics for Rational Agency, tutorial, Second East-Asian School on Logic, Language and Computation (EASLLC), Chongqing, August 25-31, 2012
  7. Dynamic Preference Logic, tutorial, Second World Congress and School on Universal Logic, Xi'an, China. August 16-22, 2007

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