Workshop on Logic, Language and Cognition

October 25, 2008, Beijing


A long-term translation project was started in October 2006, funded by the University of Amsterdam. The aim was to translate van Benthem's classic works into Chinese, making his work accessible to a wide variety of Chinese readers in various disciplines. Volume I entitled "Logic, Information and Interaction" was published with Science Press in June 2008.

The Second Volume "Logic, Language and Cognition" is now in the process of being published. The translators are a group of young Chinese logicians: Fu Qingfang (Peking University), Gao Dongping (Beijing Institute of Technology, Guo Meiyun (SouthWest University, Ju Fengkui (Peking University and Amsterdam University), Liu Xinwen (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Ma Minghui (Tsinghua University), Wang Lei (Southwest University), Wang Yi (Peking University), Xia Sumin (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Yu Yu (Southwest University), Zhang Liying (Central University of Finance and Economics). For more information on the translation project, please visit our translation website.

The Third Volume "Correspondence Theory" translated by Professor Zhang Qingyu is also in the process of being published.

The goal of this Workshop is to bring together the author and the translators of Volume Two, discuss further research questions emanating from the papers, evaluate the translation experience as such, and seek common interests for future research.

General Information

Date: The workshop will be held on October 25, 2008.

Location: Xinzhai ROOM 353, Tsinghua University.

The workshop is open to all interested.

Organizers: Liu Xinwen(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences); Guo Meiyun(South-West University).

Coordinator: Liu Fenrong (Tsinghua University)

Workshop Sponsors: The Chinese Association of Logic and University of Amsterdam.


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